All good things must come to end. Read the last book in the Gibbons Gold Digger Series about the scandalous Gibbons Sisters of Chesterton, Virginia. The series closer, The Best She Ever Had, is now available !

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People call Cynthia Gibbons the “Ice Queen” because of her cold-hearted ways with men. They don’t know that she once feel crazy in love with a guy who had no money, a guy who broke her heart. But now Korey Walker is back in town, and Cynthia realizes she still loves him.

With a divorce behind him and his new auto repair shop thriving, Korey is looking to the future–until the past comes roaring back. Korey still doesn’t understand Cynthia’s hostility–after all, she broke his heart. He decides to ignore her–until his son falls for Cynthia’s daughter. Determined to stop history from repeating itself, Korey and Cynthia band together. But will keeping their kids apart bring them closer–or destroy their lives for good?



Rave reviews for the other books in the series:

For Can’t Stand the Heat…


Book 1

Gleefully demonstrating that a person cannot be defined by his or her past, Ellis bubbles to the top with the Gibbons Gold Diggers series launch. - Starred Review, Publishers Weekly

Ellis starts her new Gibbons Gold Digger Series, about a family of women who seduce men for money, in fine form… Be ready to laugh and cry with these new reality stars of Chesterton, Va. - 4-star review from RT Book Reviews


For The Player & the Game…

the player and the game

Book 2

“With a light-hearted touch, Ellis doesn’t miss a step in this second installment of her Gibbons girls’ adventures (after Can’t Stand the Heat). Ellis has put her stamp on a warm mix of silliness, romantic repartee, and steamy between-the-sheets romps that mark this winning story.”Library Journal

“Ellis’ first book, Can’t Stand the Heat, was very good but this is even better. From the first page to the last she keeps your interest by weaving a story that mixes love and deception.” - 4.5 star review from RT Book Reviews


For Another Woman’s Man…

Book 3

Book 3

“Realistic voices and interesting sidebars mark this story as a solid addition to all romance collections.” – Library Journal

“The dialogue is engaging and fits each character like a designer suit. Ellis’ characters range from preposterous to straitlaced, from gold diggers to philanthropists and from honorable to scumbags. When you reach the climax, all you can say is, ‘Oh, my goodness!’ Another Woman’s Man is a fast-paced and very gratifying story.” 4 star review from RT Book Reviews

Also Nominated for a NAACP Image Award


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